WaveFilter Plug-ins have been reviewed by some of the industries leading writers for paper and electronic periodicals including 3D Artist, NewTechniques, Pixel Planet, MicroTimes, and Video Toaster User.

3D Artist - Serves freelance and other 3D graphics users on desktop computers (Amiga, Mac, PC, and Windows NT) engaged in the disciplines of 3D graphics, education, and in just plain having fun.
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NewTekniques - Works in close association with NewTek to meet  the information needs of all NewTek product users while delivering powerful tutorials, reviews, tips, and techniques.
Publisher: Advanstar Communications
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Pixel Planet -  An online service providing reviews on a wide-variety of different topics. Besides reviews, there are profiles of people/companies that make some of the products that are reviewed here, as well as coverage of trade shows and other events.
Website:  www.pixelplanet.com
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MicroTimes - The resource for anyone looking for the latest in computer products and industry trends. Also includes our exclusive, high-profile cover stories feature interviews with industry movers and shakers.
Publisher: Haas Publishing Company
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Pleasant Hill, CA  94523
Email: mtnews@microtimes.com

Video Toaster User (VTU) - Articles pertaining to Toaster, LightWave 3D and
a wide-range of video related topics.  The last issue of VTU was January, 1997.
Publisher: Miller Freeman, Inc.

LOVE ‘EM!  OTHERS DO!  Others are enjoying the control, speed, flexibility and ease-of-use
of WaveFilter Plug-ins.
We’re sure, you will too!

“I have recommended WaveFilter Plug-ins to friends and family!”
Dick Van Dyke

“It's a great product, one of the few things I bought that I get real value out of!”
Sam Horrocks, Animator,
Sound Heart Productions, Inc.

“It has literally saved days of rendering time. RIDICULOUSLY POWERFUL!”
Andrew Hoffman, Animator,
LumaQuest Productions

“It's Outstanding! A must have!”
Gary Baker, Animator,
Jim Browne and Associates

“Customers say it pays for itself on the first job.”
Tom O'Connor, LightWave Dealer,
Desktop Video Systems

“WaveFilter is a great tool... and one of the greatest plug-ins around!”
Dave Carlson, Area 51

 “WaveFilter seems a very stable filter utility that offers a number of cool, time-saving features.”
Eric Flom, Writer,
Video Toaster User

“This is the only plug-in I’ve found that I use in one way or another in every scene I make.”
David Hopkins, Mach Universe

“With all of WaveFilter’s abilities, there is something here for everyone.”
Douglas J. Nakakihara, NewTek, Inc.

“WaveFilter  is a great package. It offers a lot of different functionality, it works well and gives fast and excellent results, either on a single machine or over ScreamerNet..”
Dave Thomas, NewTekniques