April, 1997



     WaveFilter Net+, by Unlimited Potential, Inc. is an easy-to-use plug-in that adds a variety of effects to LightWave 3D rendered images.

     When you select the plug-in from the Effects panel, a screen lists all the effects. By choosing filters and the percentage value of the effect, you can apply the result to each rendered frame. The effects can be applied to the whole scene, objects, background image, shadows, or colors. These settings can be saved and loaded, which I found to be very useful.

     The first group of WaveFilter Net+ effects control the color and appearance of an image. There are controls for RGB values, Brightness, Gamma, and Contrast. These are handy for things like color-correcting images for compositing. With Blur, you can simulate out-of-focus effects. The Antialias function, when combined with the Antialias controls in LightWave, give similar results to higher levels of LightWave’s Antialias with lower rendering times. Special effect filters include Noise, Posterize, Black and White, and more. There are also filters that aid in creating clip maps and alpha files to make image compositing easier.

     It is possible to animate the filter. WaveFilter Net+ comes with scene files that include null objects to control each filter. Moving a null on the Z-axis changes the value of the parameter. By keyframing the nulls, animated effects like fades, rack focus, and color changes can be created. This offers animators many new capabilities.

      The collection of filters is very useful, everything is easy to use, and the results look great.

      The program ran flawlessly on a single computer and over ScreamerNet.
I would recommend it to all LightWave users.