April, 1996

This review is on the original WaveFilter
Released - November 1995, all challenges mentioned have been addressed in the current versions of the software.



     WaveFilter is a new plug-in for NewTek’s LightWave 3D. Although it has many capabilities, its antialiasing filter is its sexiest feature. It uses “biased weighted average pixel interpolation”, a process that projects the results of additional rendering passes, according to the manual.

      My tests showed that WaveFilter’s one-pass antialiasing process improved picture quality without increasing rendering time significantly. However, I could only achieve acceptable results using it in conjunction with LightWave’s built-in antialiasing. As such, this feature seems useful only if you need antialiasing results superior to what you get with LightWave’s low setting. However, WaveFilter will antialias the background image, something LightWave doesn’t do.

      Other image processing capabilities include RGB, brightness, contrast, and gamma adjustments, as well as operations like edge enhancement, NTSC limiting, grayscaling, negative, and flipping. There are also some very interesting blur and depth-of-field blur filters. (No motion-blur filter, however.) Another option helps you create more effective images for luminance keying. WaveFilter has some nice features for generating alph-channel images too, including the ability to create them from blue-screen images.

      All of WaveFilter’s processes can be applied to objects only, background only, color range, or the entire frame, and can be applied in one to four passes, each with different settings. This opens up a variety of possibilities. Currently only available for the PC, support for other platforms is coming, including Amiga.
With all of WaveFilter’s abilities, there is something here for everyone.

(Unlimited Potential, Inc., 11608 W. 127th Terr., Shawnee Mission, KS  66213. 1-800-PLUGIN2)