Color Filters includes controls to apply color or value variations to the selected area of the image. Change the Red, Green and Blue values with numeric fields or click the color swatch to access the color picker for Hue, Saturation and Lightness controls and Custom Color swatches. Control an image’s Gamma, Luminosity and Bright% values with numeric settings and tweak the Contrast and Midtone range with the range center sliders.

    Use Contrast%, Mid%, Gamma, Lum and Bright% fields to manipulate the tonal values of a selected area, the gradient sliders allow precision tweaking of the images Contast and Midtone tonal range.

Contrast% - Moves the mid tones of the selected part of the image either towards the highlight or shadow range. The Contrast%  range center sliders and range gradient bar, immediately to the right, allows you to visually control the contrast tonal range.

Color Filters

WaveFilter Image Color Filters

Brightness Controls

Brightness Controls

Mid% - Mid% Filter is similar to the Bright% Filter, except affects only the mid tones within the selected part of the image. Use in conjunction with Bright% for a good overall lighting effect. The Mid% range center sliders and range gradient bar, immediately to the left, allows you to visually control the Mid tone tonal range.

Gamma - Gamma allows control of the range between the darkest and lightest areas of your image.

Lum% - Lum% adds overall brightness or darkness to the frame. Shadows, mid tones and hilights will all be affected.

Bright% - Bright% multiplies the amount of light within the selected part of the image. Mid tones and highlights are affected, while dark shadows are not affected. Use Bright% to adjust the lighting within your image without resetting the scene’s lights or raising the ambient light level. 

Color Controls

Color Controls

    Color Controls allow you three different options for adjusting colors and selectable swatches for access to Window’s color picker.

Mult: Pixel x Percentage - Multiply looks at the color information in each RGB
channel and multiplies the base color by the adjusted color.

Add: Pixel + Color - Additive adjusts the color information by increasing the amount of  R, G and B color in the image.

Replace: Pixel = Color - Replace will change the RGB color from the current base color to the new selected color.

RGB Swatches - Select the RGB swatches immediately below the numeric field to access the operating systems color picker. The long swatch below the RGB swatches will display the mixed color.